Air Charters

Flinders Island Air Charter with its ultra-reliable Australian designed and manufactured GippsAero GA8 Airvan is able to provide an aircraft suitable to your needs and budget.

Flinders Island Air Charter is proud of its reputation in providing “affordable quality” in our charter service. Consider some of the advantages of chartering:

  • Immediate departure at your preferred time 
  • No waiting in departure lounges 
  • Ability to fly to multiple destinations in the one day 
  • Ability to fly to destinations not serviced by major airlines 
  • Privacy in the aircraft for business discussion 
  • Eliminates the necessity for overnight accommodation and related expenses. 

Carriage of freight and equipment, emergency support and specialised aerial services are all part of Flinders Island Air Charters’ expertise. We also have an outstanding safety record.

Our GA8 Airvan is ideal for photography, being able to be flown at very low speeds, with no vibration, and the ability to fly with the large back sliding door open which provides unrestricted vision for photographers and TV camera persons.

Plain cockpit